Nowadays there is no doubt for the necessity of innovations. Without innovations no improvements can be made in productivity, sustainable progress and cost reductions. The task we have in our industry has gained in complexity since we produce our products in low cost labour countries and are remote from our geographical markets. Thematic working in multidisciplinary teams is a necessity to cope with this complexity and is the only chance to strengthen the value chain. The 'Innovation Management Practice Handbook' gives you the tools to gain in innovative power and find all possibilities for improvement of your business performances for more added value. You will fulfil the demands of your customers for lower costs through the elimination of waste and acceleration of business processes. Cost saving and sustainable development are in this philosophy complementary.

The 'Innovation Management Practice Handbook' describes how the innovation procedure for ISO 9001 can be set-up in a practical way with a focus on the principles of Design for Lean Six Sigma. The search for cost reduction; value creation and quality improvement is profound in the structure of this publication. The challenge of managing joint activities with external value chain partners is one of the subjects that will contribute to successful innovations. This publication will give you the tools to achieve a shorter time-to-market for complex multidisciplinary innovation projects. This philosophy will support ISO 9001; Design for lean Six Sigma and Sustainable Strategies. Also personal competencies like making a project planning, a Program of Demands (PoD) and negotiating outsourcing contracts are subjects of this publication.

The Innovation Management Practice handbook has been written for all involved in innovation: Quality Managers; General Managers; Marketing Managers; Product Managers; Production Managers; Product Developers and Project Managers. This book can also be used for students Industrial Design, Marketing, Economics, Production Engineering and Business Administration.


"I believe DFSS project managers for manufacturing industries would certainly benefit from reading this publication, in particular companies that are relatively new in their implementation for Six Sigma and who just discovering the value of prevention in new product development (DFSS opportunity). I thoroughly enjoyed the concepts and examples given by an expert in the field of Innovation Management and DFSS. I would highly recommend this book for any practitioner in the area of Lean Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma."
- Robert W. Clarke,
President of XONITEK Corporation
20-24 Wall Street, Binghamton, NY 13901, USA

"Good work! This book gives a nice, high level overview. Certainly risk management had some new points. The link with ISO makes it very useful for people with whom that is a priority."
- John Bicheno
, Founder of MSc in Lean Enterprise - University of Buckingham and
Author of 'The Lean Toolbox: The Essential Guide to Lean Transformation'.
Buckingham, UK

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading this handbook as it was very well thought out. I'm unaquainted with Six Sigma however I was able to gain a clear perspective of what it entails due to the way in which the author shared her insight and experience."
- Jason Weber
, Global e-Commerce and Digital Marketing Executive
New York, USA

"This book is well organised, logical and offers a clear blueprint within the context of the subject and would be a good reference for someone looking to implement."
- Robert (Bob) Smith, Managing Director
Verus Parfum Ltd, UK


Innovation Management

Practice Handbook

Guide for process set-up in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 and Design for Lean Six Sigma

ISBN 978-90-815889-2-8

preview 2012© edition

The'Innovation Management Practice Handbook; Guide for process set-up in accordance to ISO 9001: 2008 and Design for Lean Six Sigma' can be downloaded in .pdf and .epub file for your eReader. It can be obtained at Google Play